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Quality Control:

1. Quality Inspector: 3 persons
2. Work Experience: 3 years
3. Certification: ISO9001, CE
4. Main Inspection Equipment: slide caliper, wall thickness micrometer gauge, 
tensile testing machine, plug guage, protractor
5. Qualtiy Control Processing: Quality Control inspector who are all experts in their 
respective product assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product. Our mission is not only to supply our qualified products, but also supply products according to your own requirements.
6. Inspection of Raw Material: test of tensile strength for raw material, test of 
chemical ingredient for raw material
7. Guarantee Period: 20 years
8. Record of goods rejected: 0
9. Rate of repair ≤0.1%
10.Comments from customer: the appearance is beautiful, it is easy to assemble, high quality in material


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