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Fire is special. Real flames have some unique and powerful attractions. That's why, even though a built-in fireplace can be built into a wall, it still has a strong and undeniable presence. This is why any built-in fireplace or freestanding fireplace needs to be built to high quality standards. Dovre wants you to experience this quality. A stunning look on our fireplace surfaces, the silky sheen of our enamel paints and the multi-coloured colours of our fireplaces make you feel the beauty and warmth of our fireplaces all the time.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our design. We believe that every fireplace has its own unique features and benefits. Wood-burning fireplaces create a different ambience than gas-fired fireplaces, while multi-fuel fireplaces exude warmth that is hard to come by with the temperatures produced by traditional coal-fired stoves. Our designs possess these unique characteristics. We also pay special attention to reducing heat loss and improving efficiency. All our products exceed international standards. They also feature an afterburning system that extracts extra heat from the fuel and reduces the fireplace's ecological impact. It's important for the environment to make your fireplace experience more enjoyable.

Our commitment to quality enables us to offer a ten-year warranty* on our entire product range. We manufacture all built-in and freestanding fireplaces in our own foundry, taking care of every step from design to engineering, assembly to packaging and shipping. This means you can rest assured that your Dovre fireplace will meet high quality standards. Our professional team tests everything from the smoothness of cast iron to the hardness of enamel coatings, and uses computer analysis to check the thermal efficiency of carbon dioxide emissions and flame radiation. Everything promises you a better product. A certain level of quality ensures that you can enjoy and appreciate the wonderful feeling of fire.


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